Free To End User Text Messaging

FTEU Text Messaging Solution recommends offers a complete turnkey system designed to give clients our customers complete control over their SMS Texting needs. Each of our services is available on an "As Needed" basis, from basic transmission of your messages, to a complete, customizable CRM system. We provide industry knowledge so you can make the best decision for your organizaiton

Easy-to-Use Interface

Campaign Management - Use our streamlined Web-based interface to quickly manage and deploy campaigns within a manner of minutes.
Subscriber Management - Our Proprietary CRM system quickly interfaces with your A/R system to provide automated message management and response tracking.
Reporting - Find out how your overall database is performing as well as specific campaigns with our comprehensive set of reporting and analysis options. From open and click-through rates to subscriber and demographic reports, our system offers you a complete perspective of your digital texting use.
Data Appends - With our proprietary mobile data base of over 200 Million cell phones, our completely secure data append system allows us to add mobile phone numbers to your existing data base.


Securing the infrastructure means more than just a good facility for our custom system. is a 24/7 service with multiple locations housing our system. Each co-lo site offers world class facilities for Power Management, Heating/Ventilation/Air Conditioning (HVAC), Fire Suppression, Seismic Engineering, Physical Security, and Tier 1 Internet connectivity from multiple providers. Multiple locations means you always up, even if one of the our co-lo facilities is experiencing problems. Your data is secured within our system, and is never shared, sold, or mixed with other clients.


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